Sleep Pods are an Emergency Aid

Sleep Pods are an Emergency Aid

Sleep Pods are an Emergency AidSleep Pods are an Emergency AidSleep Pods are an Emergency Aid

They are designed for rough sleepers in severe weather conditions, to help keep people warm and dry.


Sleep pod demonstration

Introducing the Sleep Pod

Sleep Pods are an emergency aid: 

  • Insulated Self-Warming 
  • Rain resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • Quick and Easy to Use 
  • Lightweight, Easy to Pack and Carry 
  • 1 Sleep Pod costs £25  *Jun 2019
  • Easy to make, made by teams of volunteers.

About Us

Sleep Pods in Birmingham

Our History

  • Since 10.01.2020 Sleep Pod has been recognised and registered by the Charity Commission as a charity. It has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1187295.
  • We were founded in April 2018. We have since built 1,000 Sleep Pods which have been distributed to charities and organisations working with the homeless on the streets in Birmingham, Bolton, Bristol, Northampton, Sheffield, Walsall, Wolverhampton.  We have formed strong partnerships with organisations working to support refugees by distributing Sleep Pods for refugees in Paris, Calais and Dunkirk.  
  • Sleep Pods can never make sleeping outside safe, however our hope is that they can offer some meaningful protection from the elements to help rough sleepers through the night. As an organisation we look forward to the day that Sleep Pods are not required. Until then we aim to keep providing them to those most in need of our help. 



Sleep Pod Fundraising Campaign

  • All your donations will be used for building new Sleep Pods to keep rough sleepers in the UK and refugees in Europe warm and dry this winter. 
  • Thank you so much to our 560 backers your generous donations have raised over £22,500.
  • Please help by continuing to donate, every contribution counts. Thank you - The Sleep Pod Team   

  •  1 Sleep Pod only costs £25 & can help save a life.

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