The Story behind the Sleep Pod Project and the Power of People.

Sleep pod demonstration

The sleep pod CO-founders - Pete, Justin & Ian


The Team

  • The Sleep Pod Co-Founders, Ian, Justin and Pete met while they were volunteering in refugee camps in Europe in 2016. Through these shared experiences they were driven into action and designed the Sleep Pod to help prevent unnecessary deaths on our streets.

  • The Sleep Pod project is a non-profit organisation driven to help the most vulnerable members of our society who are sleeping rough. 

  • Sleep Pods can never make sleeping outside safe, however our hope is that they can offer some meaningful protection from the elements to help rough sleepers through the night. As an organisation we look forward to the day that Sleep Pods are not required. Until then we aim to keep providing them to those most in need of our help. 

  • We believe Sleep Pod is one way everybody can make a contribution and know that it will make a difference. We are a small team of friends who are heavily dependent on the support of our volunteers to help fund raise and build new Sleep Pods at volunteer workshops. 



  • The number of rough sleepers in this country has risen by 169% since 2010. People are dying on the streets with tragic regularity. For rough sleepers in the UK and refugees in Europe, many of these deaths are a result of exposure to extreme weather conditions. A Sleep pod could help prevent these deaths. 

Sleep Pod is an Emergency Aid

Sleep Pods are an Emergency Aid

Co-founder of the Sleep Pod Project, Pete Kenyon:

“We have created an emergency aid for rough sleepers, sleeping out in severe, cold and wet weather conditions."

  • The Sleep Pods are built as a short-term solution for rough sleepers to help them through the night, helping to keep them warm and dry. The Sleep Pod team strongly believe in helping to protect rough sleepers by working in partnership with homeless charities and outreach teams encouraging rough sleepers to access their local homeless support services. The homeless support services provide a key service, helping rough sleepers get access to suitable accommodation, support with finding work and motivating people’s personal recovery. 

“We have aligned ourselves with groups offering much needed support to rough sleepers.” Justin Devereux, 

Co-founder of the Sleep Pod Project.

Sleep Pod build workshops

Sleep Pod Fundraising Campaign

  • With your help we want to continue to building more new Sleep Pods, emergency aids for rough sleepers in the UK and refugees in Europe. Please help by donating, every contribution counts.                                           Thank you - The Sleep Pod Team  
  • 1 Sleep Pod only costs £25 & can help keep someone warm and dry.