Sarah Mason has been distributing Sleep Pods across Wales to rough sleepers and homeless organisations. 

She volunteers for Helping our Homeless Wales


Sleep Pod Distribution
Sleep Pod Distribution


Partnerships with Homeless Charities & Organisations

Sleep Pod Builds

  • Our aim as a charity is to raise funds, build Sleep Pods and get the Sleep Pods distributed through homeless organisations.  The Sleep Pod is an emergency aid designed and built to help keep rough sleepers warm and dry. We are not experts on homelessness or rough sleeping so we would always recommend that rough sleepers reach out to their local homeless support organisations. We are keen to continue working alongside homeless charities and organisations, as they are equipped with the expertise and experience that can help decide where it is appropriate to give out Sleep Pods within their local areas. We have already built some strong relationships with homeless charities in parts of the UK who are supporting us by distributing the Sleep Pods locally within their communities. We want to continue to strengthen these partnerships through meeting more homeless charities and organisations across the UK so more people can benefit from Sleep Pods.

How you can help by reaching out to your local homeless organisations.

Sleep Pod Distribution

  • We are happy to be introduced to any homeless support groups or charities who you feel we could collaborate with to support rough sleepers. We appreciate that people would like to buy individual Sleep Pods however it would be much more beneficial to liaise with your local homeless support charities and organisations so that more people could potentially be helped. The Sleep Pod Project is operated through partnerships and collaboration with homeless organisations as this is more effective because these organisations are trained and already have established relationships through their outreach teams. The Sleep Pod team strongly believe in helping to protect rough sleepers by working in partnership with homeless charities and outreach teams encouraging rough sleepers to access their local homeless support services. The homeless support services provide a key service, helping rough sleepers get access to suitable accommodation, support with finding work and motivating people’s personal recovery.   

Sleep Pod working in partnerships with homeless charities

  • If you would like to ask any further questions, please contact Justin one of the Co-founders of the Sleep Pod Project: He can support you making connections with local homeless organisations within your local areas. 

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