Paris Refugee Ground Support

  • The Sleep Pod founders worked first hand with Heather and Kevin the founders of P.R.G.S. They were an obvious choice to partner up with in Paris. Heather and Kevin have a deep understanding and passion to make a difference supporting refugees in Paris. They have kindly distributed 100 Sleep Pods to refugees in Paris.
    P.R.G.S. are a mobile distribution and coordination team.  During the day they work from a warehouse, sorting and receiving donations. During the night they work from their vans distributing vital aid in the most effective, responsible and thorough way possible.
  • “Our goal is simple. We provide essential humanitarian aid and comfort to those living in these appalling and hopeless situations. We work with dignity, with passion and with determination. We liaise with other like-minded groups to offer maximum support.” 


Catching Lives

  • Catching Lives is an independent charity aimed at supporting the rough sleepers, homeless and vulnerably housed in Canterbury and East Kent; those who have, for many reasons, fallen through the gaps in society and feel they have nowhere else to turn. 
  • Catching Lives have been very supportive of the Sleep Pod Project and we are currently planning future collaborative fundraising opportunities. We plan to supply Sleep Pods to the clients who use Catching Lives to help keep them warm, safe and dry during the night.
  • Catching Lives are working in partnership with Sleep Pod hosting a  Sleep Out across Canterbury as a fundraiser on 'World Homeless Day' 10th October 2019. We aim to raise money to provide the clients of Catching Lives Sleep Pods.  



  • MEENA means LOVE in Pashto. Formerly known as the Unofficial Women’s and Children’s Centre in the Calais “Jungle” the team led by Liz Clegg and Inca Sorrell have set up a centre in Birmingham focusing on the often overlooked women and children in the refugee crisis, only now much closer to home. Liz Clegg has openly shared her support of the Sleep Pod Project.



Homeless One

  • Our mission for HomeLess One is to ensure that, every homeless person receives one hot meal in Birmingham from our kitchen every evening from our Digbeth centre. Moe Nawaz firmly believes in helping others and dedicates much of his time to both these causes and to serving the community. Moe has been very supportive and encouraging towards the Sleep Pod Project. 


Aid Box Community

  • Our mission is to uphold the basic rights of refugees and asylum seekers by providing practical aid, support and direction and, by doing so, making their daily lives a little easier. Founder Imogen Macintosh shared her wealth of experiences and passion for helping improve the quality of life for refugees. She linked us to her connections so the Sleep Pod Project could reach more organisations supporting refugees.


Care 4 Calais

  • Care4Calais is a volunteer run charity delivering essential aid and support to refugees living in the worst conditions across Northern France and Belgium.  We believe in a fair and tolerant British society and advocate for a welcoming and inclusive attitude towards refugees. Clare Mosely has kindly distributed 30 Sleep Pods.



We Out Here Festival

  • We Out Here Festival will be running volunteer workshops to help produce Sleep Pods. Thursday 15th August – Sunday 18th August 2019. 
  •  "The amazing Sleep Pod team will be at We Out Here Festival 2019 and we will be asking you to volunteer your time at one of their workshops and help make a difference for those who urgently need it. Sign up coming soon 👀" We Out Here Festival 2019 


YBS Insulation


Printigo Birmingham

  • We offer the very best service and quality in garment printing, embroidery, printed flyers/leaflets, business cards, business stationery, promotional products, banners and posters.
  • No garment printing order is too big, too small or too difficult. We welcome one-off gift ideas. If we can't do what you require in house we'll try our best to find some one that can.
  • We have a selection of catalogues with quality garments and products for you to choose from ready for your design using our extensive range of vinyl/flex, digital transfers and embroidery services.
  • The Sleep Pod team have been blown away with the generosity of Brian Withy - Director/Owner. He has supported Sleep Pod by allowing us to make Sleep Pods in a warehouse sized space that lies behind the main shop and printers. His generosity continued on the very first Sleep Pod build weekend with more than 20 T-Shirts, tea, coffee, etc. As well as this he continues to be a spoke person for what we are doing and the problem that we are trying to be a solution for. 


Zoe Lewis - Harvard Lewis Associates Ltd.

  • @CoachZoeLewis is the director of leadership and management development consultancy Harvard Lewis Associates Ltd. The company provides corporate development from one to one leadership coaching through to facilitated workshops for groups on topics surrounding leadership and management all over the UK.
  • Zoe is completely inspired by the selfless work of the @SleepPoduk team and has committed 10% of profit for all new clients in 2019 to supporting the charity.



S.E.L.F. See Every Life Fulfilled

  • We are a bespoke, grassroots project operated for, by and with our Guests.
    Our Mission is to restore the fractures in People's lives by being that healing source and guiding hand to a more positive and safe future. 
  • Angela Sheridan-Hunt Ash and Lisa Forde work closely with their local Birmingham community. Through their spirit and determination they helped raise £2,000 to build 100 Sleep Pods. This money enabled the 1st Sleep Pod build in Birmingham 27- 28 March 2019 at the Printigo premises in .  The Sleep Pod workshop was run by the founders Ian Ashby, Justin Derereux and a team of dedicated volunteers, 100 Sleep Pods were built over the weekend.         



Tame Valley Scouts - Birmingham

  • A huge thank you to the Tame Valley Scouts of Birmingham who were the first scout group ever to take part in a Sleep Pod build on the weekend of the 7th-8th September 2019. The Sleep Pod build team mostly came from the Tame Valley Scouts of Birmingham, ranging from 10 - 74yrs. 
  • This proves that anyone can help make Sleep Pods and help to reduce deaths due to hypothermia and exposure whilst sleeping on the street without adequate protection. The scouts, explorers and leaders from Tame Valley and Sutton Coldfield spent 15 hours building 140 Sleep Pods which will go out to give homeless people a warm and dry place to spend the night. The scouts did a fantastic job, sharing their professionalism, respect, attention to detail and dedication to a good cause. 


The Downs * Bristol

  • Special thanks to the Downs Festival 2019 - BRISTOL Saturday 31st - Sunday 1st September for exhibiting the Sleep Pod Project. Justin one of the Founder's of the Sleep Pod Project had a fantastic time meeting lots of different festival goers sharing the vision of the Sleep Pod Project.